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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Too. Darn. Hot.


After three poor to middling writing days, I got a nice 2.2K today, and it's a 2.2K I even like. It advances the plot, advances character, and does all kinds of happy stuff. And I'm at 18K MS word count, a little shy of 20K manuscript count, which puts me between and fifth and a sixth of the way to the end of an estimated 105K manuscript, assuming it doesn't get away from me.

And by 3 PM. I think I'm declaring this a good day's work and going grocery shopping now. Especially since it's a hundred degrees outside and I have submissions and boxen to take to the pastal orifice, and checks to take to the bank. Only itty bitty checks, alas, but such is life.

79 pages! Nonsequential, and some of it's outline notes, but I have 79 pages!

A new religion that will bring you to your knees...


2.2K...I am in envy.

I'm working my way up to it. This is what I tell myself, anyway. If I can manage to get some work done in the evenings as well as the mornings, that should help.

I like watching your word count progress. It shames me into working myself. //grins// I keep having these fantasies about being able to post in my journal about how much I got written that day. Hey, if it works...
Heh. I have papersky to keep me humble. *g*


2.2K is nothing to sniff at. Do you have a hard deadline for the first draft?

I'm revising a 100K ms. I'm on Chap 7 and it mocks me. The first paragraph is so vile the comp screen melted. Each sentence is a topic sentence for a new paragraph and I wailed, "NO NO I'm supposed to be CUTTING here, not adding." It just means more draftiness to mend later.

The horror.

Re: YAY!

Is this a first novel?

The good news is, at 100K you've still got wiggle room in either direction for so-called peak marketability (apparently currently between about 95K-115K) so no matter how long it comes out, you're golden.

Cut some, expand some. I always underwrite my first drafts and have to go back and add 10%, although I'm getting better at that as time goes by.

Re: YAY!

Is this a first novel?

Yep. n00b, that's me. I got the idea in 1998, started writing in 2000, stopped at 35K when I realized how much research I required and researched and read for eight months. Sat and wrote another 60K and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Did that for a year. Revised the ms that was character-driven to hammer out raging plot rot, and NOW I'm really revising for the writing and dialogue and what-not.

I forgot how much fun revising can be. It's way easier than grunt-pumping draft vomit. Except for when I have to clean up piles of puke I left in the corners.

PS I had a crush on David McCallum when I watched TMFUNCLE from the top of the stairs. I was six. Did you ever watch The Champions? Same period, lamer show, had a huge crush on Stuart Damon (I should make an icon) only to stumble aross him many years later on General Hospital or something like that when flipping channels one day.

Re: YAY!

Alas, I have never seen The Champions. I'm afraid I'm (cough) a little too young to have caught these shows first go-round, It was all reruns for me...

Re: YAY!

Yes, I am a hag.

'The Champions' was about three people with psi powers rushing around saving the free world under some goverment direction. Like Charlie's Angels, in a way, but not. They were very mysterious. When I was thirteen and living in the Mojave desert, the show was rerun on some L.A. station at 10:30 each weekday morning. I loved 'Craig Stirling' with all my pink-and-white heart. I found a piece of paper the other day, in my teen-years photo album, with his name painted in water-color curlicues.

Re: YAY!

Do you have a hard deadline for the first draft? I have to deliver the book in January, which means I need a first draft as early in the summer as possible, to give my first readers a chance to kick my ass over it before I rewrite it and give it to my agent and give her a chance to kick my ass over it so I can rewrite it and give it to my editor.

I can't imagine showing an editor a first draft. Not when she's used to seeing polished work from me. I'm hoping to develop a craftsmanlike reputation.... I hope.

Re: YAY!

The very best of luck to you then. Do you have children at home in the summer who require more of your time? I HAVE to get this draft done and off to my crit partners by the middle June for that reason (I have two children.)

Whom do you have for critters? I have three litfic writers (for writing quality) a pastor (for doctrine) and a histfic writer (she's on your flist, she writes in my period and place, and slaps me for out-of-period shite.) Oh, and a Britpicker. When I'm done with this draft they get the ms.

Re: YAY!

I have four cats, two dogs, and a husband. And convention season. *g* I'm far too selfish for kids: I'm amazed that anybody has them, actually, and that anybody who has them manages to get ANYTHING done. You have my profoundest sympathy and respect. When I'm working, I can barely be arsed to feed the dogs, and the husband only gets fed when he complains, and they sleep most of the time (the dogs, that is).

I use a workshop (The OWW, which also has romance and mainstream/mystery branches, and I also have several other writer-friends who I swap chapters with more informally.
Congrats! :) Sounds like it was a good day to be inside, writing.
I'd love to get 79 pages of anything right about now lol.