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Too. Darn. Hot.


After three poor to middling writing days, I got a nice 2.2K today, and it's a 2.2K I even like. It advances the plot, advances character, and does all kinds of happy stuff. And I'm at 18K MS word count, a little shy of 20K manuscript count, which puts me between and fifth and a sixth of the way to the end of an estimated 105K manuscript, assuming it doesn't get away from me.

And by 3 PM. I think I'm declaring this a good day's work and going grocery shopping now. Especially since it's a hundred degrees outside and I have submissions and boxen to take to the pastal orifice, and checks to take to the bank. Only itty bitty checks, alas, but such is life.

79 pages! Nonsequential, and some of it's outline notes, but I have 79 pages!

A new religion that will bring you to your knees...

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