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608 words on the pony express story, which keeps changing its name on me, but may be called "Flag a Ride" and may be called "The Rising Sun Going Down." Why yes, those are Robert Johnson references. How clever of you. *g*

And I have a complete outline/story arc, so I can at this point just continue chewing slowly through it until it's done. It seems to be a stately developer in any case, because I've been picking at it for months now, and that's unusual for me with shorts. Like I needed another effing postapocalyptic fantasy novelette with probably no markets....

Still, it's kinda shiny. Not real idea-driven or anything, but adventury.

Still nomail. I could break 20K on Worldwired today if I got off my butt this evening and wrote at it. But first I have to get the boy and then I really, really need a nap, despite going to bed at 9:30 last night. Damn, I get up early.

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