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Progress Notes

Words (Worldwired) :1387

Total words: 20483. I'm officially a fifth of the way done with the book, which is estimated at between 105K-110K toal length. It may stretch out as long as 115K, but it doesn't get to be any longer than that. This is an exciting place in the story: I'm almost done with the setup and reminders and reintroductions, and am about to kick the various plots (it has three intertwining plot threads for the ensemble to wrestle) into low gear for the long but hopefully not slow grumble-stumble up the roller-coaster hill. I expect it will hit the downslope around page 350, if I'm feeling the story right. I'm still not sure what blows up at the end, but I have the denouements figured out--both of them--and I actually think the big final conflict in this book will be on a smaller scale than the one in Scardown. Well, smaller scale in terms of more personal and less global, but hopefully not smaller scale in its impact on the reader.

MS Page: 80. Barely. By the skin of my teeth. Out of 89 total.

Reason for stopping: natural breakpoint, although whether I'm going to take the scene break the characters just handed me and switch to a new POV for some action going on in a different location, then come back to these guys--or just continue with this conversation and then go give Leslie a POV, I haven't decided yet.

Tea: Earl Grey, which has gone cold on me.

Average words per day since 4/23/04: 868.2

I write much, much more slowly than I used to, with a lot more pauses for thought and getting up and walking away for a while, and it takes me much longer to settle into a writing groove (for example, tonight it took me about three hours of poking to get the first page and a half, and then I did the other four and a half pages or so in about 45 minutes). However, what I'm turning out these days is much tighter prose, very close to finished, so I think it's a fair trade off.

It occurs to me that I should probably get in the habit of thinking of myself as a real writer some time soon, since I'm walking the walk and all. *g*

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