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"Ah Well" as Vonneguttian refrain (edit, for we posted too soon)

Wheee! Got paid by the zeppelin anthology today. Now, that's what I call prompt.

I tried a different (quick) cinnamon roll recipe today. These ones came out icky: too sweet, and the texture is more like wonder bread than pastry. I should know better: quick breads are never as good as yeasted ones. Also, I thought 425 degrees seemed a little high, and I was right--they're crunchy on the outside and a bit raw on the inside.

Ah well. Now I know.

And now I have to write. And try to convince myself that no matter how funny I find it to have my protag wandering around the Montreal in a t-shirt that reads Property ECS NORWAY, Not to be Taken Away, it's probably too self-indulgent to get past my editor.

Ah well. It's my book, and I'll cookie who I want to.

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