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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

So my clever recycling trick didn't work, alas--

The bread came out bitter and way too sticky, and it didn't rise properly.

I would be disappointed, except for the fact that blini came out better than sex. Okay, if I had actually eaten anything all day except a salad, they might only have been as good as sex. But all things considered.... oh. Dear lord. I had forgotten how much I loved these things. I made an apple/blackberry compote and had some low-fat sour cream with them, and vodka (of course) and I am a happy Bear.

retrobabble, get yer... self on a plane. I've got the wodka and the sour cream; you just bring the caviar....

And now I think cheese for dessert.

Gotta remember to call my mom tonight after she gets back from the dawg show....

Also, gotta finish this scene I started, now that I and the dogs are fed.


Oh, I think so.

I wonder how blini freeze.... I could bring some. *g*
Yes, do. I'm all in the interest of scientific experimentation.

And when the vodka runs out, I've got lots of champagne. *g*
Well, I just tossed ten or so in the freezer in a ziplock. (I am only one woman, and blini are a filling supper, and one recipe makes a metric butt ton of the little guys)

That should be enough for you, me, and Jaime. I think she doesn't eat fish, though, but I'm sure she'll be happy with pancakes and sour cream as her celebratory dinner--or late-night snack! *g*

I can't *wait* to see you!
I can't *wait* to see you!

Yay! Right back at ya.

Which reminds me--I've got to firm up some plans. *g*
Um, I'd like to come too. I'll bring MFU zines and a bottle of good vodka. You could provide the VCR and the yummy food. I'll even do the dishes. Deal? *G*
you're on!

vodka, sex, caviar, blini, and '60's television. What more could a girl want?
Oh, bummer. I'm sorry the bread didn't turn out. But the blini sound delightful. That's one thing I've never mastered-- crepes of any kind. I was going to offer caviar but my plain black lumpfish is all too dull in comparison with Sevruga or Osetra. That's a very dangerous site. I wish I hadn't followed that link.
All Kellie M's and Kelly M's are forced to follow that link. Our names make us do it. *g*
Kellie M, meet Kelly M.

You both write pretty.

Hi Kelly! Nice name. :)

And thanks, Bear. :)
well, blini are more pancakes than crepes, because they are leavened, despite the fact that people call them Russian crepes.

I used this recipe--


with two cups whole wheat flour subbed for the unbleached, and honey for the sugar.

They came out delightful--light, tender, and delicious.
I don't know where my copy of The Ravenous Muse is hiding at the moment, but IIRC there's an anecdote in there about a famous Russian composer (Stravinsky, mayhap) on his deathbed who became suddenly, wildly animated at a mention of nearby blini. :-)



Oh. They are good.

Fait accompli

I have a 5-pound item sitting on my desk waiting for you. I do not, however, have time to go to the PO today. When I get back from Omaha, I promise.

Re: Fait accompli


I drove through that once.