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So my clever recycling trick didn't work, alas--

The bread came out bitter and way too sticky, and it didn't rise properly.

I would be disappointed, except for the fact that blini came out better than sex. Okay, if I had actually eaten anything all day except a salad, they might only have been as good as sex. But all things considered.... oh. Dear lord. I had forgotten how much I loved these things. I made an apple/blackberry compote and had some low-fat sour cream with them, and vodka (of course) and I am a happy Bear.

retrobabble, get yer... self on a plane. I've got the wodka and the sour cream; you just bring the caviar....

And now I think cheese for dessert.

Gotta remember to call my mom tonight after she gets back from the dawg show....

Also, gotta finish this scene I started, now that I and the dogs are fed.

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