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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Hah! Touché!

jonquil has a list of Survival Tips For Fictional Characters up.

#4: # If you're in a Scots border ballad, get out your little pen-knife, stab yourself now, and get it over with. You weren't going to make it out alive anyway.

Just brilliant.


And if you want an even better laugh, back up a couple of posts and check out the link to The Worst Romance Novel Covers of 2003. I nearly hurt myself laughing. And I like romance novels. Well, some of them anyway. :)
The problem with this advice is, what if it turns out you're in one of the six or so (number cribbed from Jim Malcolm) Scots ballads with happy endings? "Jean o Bethelnie" (AKA "Glenlogie") is the standard example.

For the more pessimistic, note also that there are plenty of ballads where the main character gets out alive, but would have been better off if he had simply stabbed himself in the first verse.
You know, I have been thinking for Some Time that "Tam Lin" is the only ballad I can think of with a happy ending.

What else ya got?
The only other one I that pops into my head is the "False Knight on the Road", where the plucky little kid eludes the devil. I'm sure I'll find more if I go through my Old Blind Dogs albums.

Gotta run, someone here to play tunes.
Jen suggests the "Claudy Banks" family of songs, where the man returns in disguise to test his love's fidelity. (Dervish called their version "There was a Maid in Her Father's Garden", and I think I've the Newfoundland version is called "Seven Years" or somesuch.)
Thanks, Jen!

By the way, Sol, how's the dawg? *g*