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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I owe my book designer a beer.

I got to see the interior design for Hammered today. I think my book designer liked it; there's this very nifty diagonal parallel-lines design on the title page, with a textural element that looks like somebody went after them with a palette knife, and the title is reversed black-and-white across the bars and the interstitial white space.

It is not subtle. Which seems appropriate for a book with a title like Hammered.

I like it.

Next stop, galleys and cover art....


It's finally making this whole mad thing achieve some reality for me.I mean, the ygave me money, and now I have this title page thing in my hands....

Now I understand how the long con works, emotionally speaking, because Iam utterly hooked at this point. *g*
...watching my blatant inability to type, you mean?

The real dirty secret of writers. Those of us who can type can't spell, and those of us who can spell can't type.
Book designer is one of the hats I get to wear (alas, not for your title), and I gotta admit, if the book is interesting (as Hammered appears to be), then you can really dig your artistic fingers into the design and have a great time at it. I love designing for books like that. I'm sure your designer did, given your description.
I don't actually know who my book designer is, but s/he has done a very spiffy job. There's some lit'ry spacing and whitespace games and stuff, and it looks all shiny inside.

I used to do some typesetting. I bet book design is fun.