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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

"There's more old drunks than there are old doctors / so I guess we better have another round."

--Willie Nelson

This is an obscenity. I'm just saying.

My ideal reality television show is the one that involves the filming of the deaths of reality show producers, preferably by slow strangulation. America has finally reached the point where our national sport is pulling the wings off flies and picking on the fat kid.

For crying out loud, people. Bear-baiting is less sociopathic than this shit.


I want to move to a new country. Let's call it I'mNotWithStupidLand
I think it's located north of us, and is generally called "Canada." ;-P
I just... ugh. I can't get much past ugh. At least bear baiting has some grudging respect for the bear.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. This is too upsetting.
I'm old enough to remember The Gong Show, and this seems an awful lot like that. "Awful" being the operative word. Honestly, I don't understand this need some people have to watch others be humiliated. Then again, the Roman Coliseum shows that this isn't a new phenomenon. *sigh*
And we wonder how we get a s**tload of sociopaths guarding prisoners in Iraq?
Wow... so they humiliate those contestants who have talent during the show, and those without will presumably discover, at the end, when they think they've "won", that the entire nation has been laughing at them. How incredibly mean-spirited.
How incredibly mean-spirited.

The question remains -- do contestants know what they're in for when they sign up? Do they know what the premise of the show is when they sign on? If so, no sympathies here.

People will do some ridiculous things for money and 10 seconds of fame. Let 'em, I just won't be watching. My TV will be tuned to shows I want to see more of.
And it just struck me... you get both ends.

People get to laugh at the humilated winners... but they've also been able to see the talented people mocked and called losers.

Total entertainment for the couch potato of mediocrity.
The clear message to all? Don't try, ever. Never try to be anything more than cardboard, because the world will rip you apart if you try.
Bingo, got it in one.

More than that--attempting to be anything but a cog is laughable. Go back to your cubicles and your cash registers.

I like the shavy look, BTW.

Canada's entrance exam

What they have online is a point system to see whether you are likely to qualify to become a resident. You can find out more here:

From what I can tell, they are willing to accept people with usable job skills who will not become a drain on the economy, and will fit into their society. This makes sense to me.

As for "reality tv" I stick to trek reruns, old movies, and the cartoon network....

Re: Canada's entrance exam

Cool, I qualify.

They don't ask about climate preferences, though. Brrr.
Well it does reinforce the idea that "a person is smart. People are stupid."

Reality TV is neither. It is grim when our people want to be entertained by mocking those less talented than themselves. It just feeds into our national neuroses and makes us want to buy more stuff in some kind of knee-jerk attempt to make ourselves feel worthwhile.

Oh. Yeah. That's right. That's what it's all about anyway. Making people buy stuff.



Instead of Michigan, let's head to another country, shall we? How disgusting. I saw ads for this show (yes, I watch the WB) and it just made me sick to my stomach. The cruelty is just apalling -


Re: Hmm...

Yeah. I think I'm just going to not watch that network, period. It's safer.
Just to jump in late on this one: I found out this weekend that the Seacrest-esque host is a guy I went to high school with. McFayden or MacFayden, I forget which. He was a total jerk then, too, and he thought he was All That, and I've been immensely disappointed with Hollywood for agreeing with him.

"Immensely disappointed with Hollywood." Not a phrase I get to use all that often.

Anyway, I'm just sayin': I know where this kind of person comes from, because I was there.