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Progress notes

800 words MS word count on Scardown today, giving me a total of 33.5K manuscript or about 28.5K MS Word. I know what the next three scenes are and how to write them. Go team!

I'm having a few issues maintaining tension, and I'm starting to get that "I've been doing this for a long time, and there's a longer time yet to do it" sensation. But I still like the book. Not as much as I liked Hammered--it's a less emotionally intense book overall, and one more focused on intrigue than catharsis--but it's a nice book to be writing.

I'm starting to suspect maybe "Push (the bullfighting story)" doesn't suck as much as I thought it did in the first flare of creation, so I may see if I can polish it pretty and send it out to make the rounds. I don't know if it's deep. But it's a story, more or less, and a nice straightforward one with some levels.

And I had an idea this morning for either a long novelet or a short novella that's going to be a riff on seventies feminist science fiction, but that needs a lot more cooking time. I have a society in mind, but no protag yet, and only a few bare ideas for a conflict. But I think it will take a title I've been dying to use.

But at least the ideas are coming in a slow but steady stream.

I've noticed something about novels. For me, at least--possible because I do start with a character--I seem to need to write at the idea a bit and then walk away from it for six months to a year. Short stories take a bit of germination time too, but I don't need to *write at* those. Just scribble a few notes, maybe talk it out with a friend, and then boom. Eventually, story.


I'm in a good place today. Last night I wasn't in a good place, but I am in a good place today.

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