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"Heads, I go to Tennessee; Tails, I buy a drink."

Damn it, Bear. The word is 'climatic' not 'climactic.'
Global warming, not sex, for crying out loud.

Words Today: Only 564, but I did reread the entire manuscript to this point, and do some line-editing, and I now have a much better idea where it's going. And this conversation is kicking my butt to write. But at least it is going. Somewhat.
Total Words: 30362
Seven-Day Total: 8516
Seven-Day Average: 1217
Tea: thé melange russe
Mammalian assistance: Mebd and Marlowe, tag-team pesterment and cat-butts on the manuscript, requiring Mebd to be fed and Marlowe to be picked up and cuddled like a monkey. Also, intermittent mastiff snoring.

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