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Whups. Sorry, Kat.

It was late and I was fading fast when I closed up shop last night, so I was a bad bad lazy person. My words for yesterday came to a nice shiny 1566, pushing my total to almost 32K. It does add up, and faster than I think it's going to. That's really not bad, considering that I've been writing for 26 days. It only feels like slow going. It isn't, really. And it's not like I'm in that tearing of a hurry.

So. Stats.

Page 129 of 137, and 31,928 words MS Word Count, or about 35K manuscript wordcount. Reason for stopping last night: mental collapse. Tea, last night: Lychee, followed by rooibos.

Tea today? Earl Grey. Words so far today? None, but I have five hours to get them in.

Starting now.

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