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And there we go. End of scene, and everything nicely all blowed up.

Words today:1257
Words total: 33185
Words this week: 8051
Reason for stopping: End of bloody scene.
Mammalian Assistance: much monkeycuddling, besetting, headbumping, and several sharp-toed massages from Marlowe. Also, a thorough cold-nose-poking from Signy the Great Dane
Tea: Earl Grey, cold by the time I got to the bottom of the pot.

I love trying to write actiony scenes from the POV in characters who are predisposed to see them as a big confusing panicky blur. Not.

Switching to Vernor's diet ginger ale now, and going to go watch "The Tigers Are Coming Affair" and marvel over Semi-Naked Spetsnaz Action Illya, With Bad-Guy-Drowning Grip. You know, we couldn't actually show any blood on television in the '60's, but boy could we leave a trail of bodies. You just can't snuff bad guys in that kind of an offhand manner these days.

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