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Well, I've got 35K of Worldwired. A third of the book done. Page 144 or so, out of 152 pages total.

and the plot's set up, and all the setup is done, and I've just hit the Dreaded Middle Of The Book. But, for a change, I feel pretty good about it, because it's time for the plot to really start happening fast, and I have my confidence, and the big oh-crap moment just happened....

And I have a feeling it's time to sit back, kick my feet up, and wait for things to gel. Because my gut is telling me that the rest of the book isn't quite cooked yet.

But the beginning is written. The ending is written. I know most of what happens while it's happening, and the order it has to happen in.

It remains to connect the dots.

This is kind of a good feeling. This is the feeling-the-shape-of-the-book thing. It's so weird. I wrote the last sentence of the current scene, and a switch flipped in the back of my head, and I realized "you have just ended the beginning and begun the middle."

And how weird is that?

Writers is nuts, but dude, sometimes it's good to be us.
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