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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I love the way forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass of the University of Tennessee's Anthroplogical Research Facility says "I hate death." This is not an ideological loathing.

This is a personal, chip on his shoulder, Charles Bronson kind of death-done-him-dirty-and-death's-gonna-pay kind of hatred.

I can respect that.

He was on NPR this morning.
It's always kind of delightfully weird when the world at large discovers some bit of neatness that one has treasured, oneself, for decades. (I was very close to pursuing a career in forensic anthropology at one point in my mis-spent youth. To the point of majoring in physical anth as an undergrad.)

Weird, and cool.


Ooh, forensic anthropology.

Have you read the Gideon Oliver mysteries?
...no? *g*
Written by Aaron Elkins. Gideon Oliver is a forensic anthropologist who gets called in on various mysteries, because a friend of his is a cop.
*snicker* yep.

You did notice that James Tiptree/Alice Sheldon got a nod and a wink in "Tragic Glass," yes?
Whups. Wrong comment thread *g*
I'm so glad you came back to correct, because I was confused...I thought for a moment there was a new Gideon Oliver book I hadn't read!

I think you'll enjoy them.
I heard that. It was an excellent piece. I'm fascinated by forensics and body decay, but I don't have enough of a science mind to follow it.
Thank you so much for mentioning this!

I majored in anthropology, too--cultural in my case. Took one physical anthro course, and I always thought I should follow up on it. After I graduated, I took a Civil Service Test that resulted in the Department of Transportation offering me an interview for a job taking osteological samples.

I turned it down, because I thought I preferred working with live people rather than dead ones. Years later, I found out I would have been working with . . . Clyde Snow.

(I am cursed when it comes to anthro jobs--I also found out just before I entered my second year of my Master's in Communications that my brother-in-law worked two doors down from Edward T. Hall, who was looking for an intern all summer long. Only fifty miles away, dammit!)

The Gideon Oliver books are really good. I've met Aaron Elkins, and he's a love. He's an anthropologist himself, and one of his resources is Stanley J. Rhine, now Professor Emeritus at UNM in forensic anthropology.

If we ever run into each other at a con, remind me to tell you the tale of Snooky and Grizelle Aguilar and The Body In the Closet.
Ooo. You *are* cursed.

My major life problem was that I have always been too lazy for fieldwork and too apolitical for academia, which is what eventually sent me looking for something else to do with my life.

I will await with baited breath he tale of Snooky and Grizelle Aguilar and The Body In the Closet....

More forensic anthropology!

Did you hear this one? (Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews The Bone Woman, by forensic anthropologist Clea Koff.)

Re: More forensic anthropology!