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Writing is about the glamour

like Casablanca is about the waters.

That said, I'm very happy about the review of "This Tragic Glass" that's up at IROSF this week.

(You must register to read, but registration is free, and the 'zine is oh so very content heavy. Seriously. Also, spoilers.)

There is nothing that makes me happier as a writer than making a reader think that damned hard. Even if said reviewer disagrees with me on every single point.

Okay. Enjoying my vacation so far. I'm contemplating doing something really nonproductive, in fact, like playing with vidding software or learning to animate .gifs or something. Or reading. Books. Actual books.

Although somebody has apparently informed the cats that I'm not planning on doing any writing for the next couple of days (thus the explosion of blogging, because if I don't type constantly my brain atrophies and shrinks until it resembles a walnut floating in a jar of motor oil), and they've stepped up the usual pesterment. Also, I have to go to the grocery store today, because the boy is planning on having people over for a barbecue. So I should probably make sure we have paper plates and beer and charcoal, shouldn't I?

The actual number of people attending and the menu have been left as an experiment in entropic effects. I do not, in fact, even know what time they're supposed to be here. But I will be cooking and cleaning up.

It is good that I have this catlike ability to improvise. And I know where to buy pretty good potato salad, already made. And we have chocolate. Maybe I should get graham crackers and marshmallows.


Typo of the day: "Chocolate-covered Academia Nuts." (Mauna Loa makes a good brand, FWIW.)

I'm spending the morning making giveaway promotional bookmarks for Hammered for WisCon, whereto I shall be embarking on Thursday, and whencefrom I shall be returning Monday.

I should be pretty easy to find, for anybody who wants to track me down. At the very least:

I will be at a reading entitled Your Own Good with truepenny, buymeaclue, and pnew8 on Saturday, from 10:00-11:15 a.m. in Conference Room 2 (our theme is second-person stories. I'll be reading "The Chains that you Refuse.") and

I will be on a panel entitled Living in an SF Disaster Novel on Saturday, 9:00-10:15 p.m. in Wisconsin (which we presume is a ballroom name?)

The Greenhouse Effect, end of the oil age, collapse of public health and the coming plague.... What's it like to live in the midst of ecological and social collapse?

Lyda A. Morehouse, John Helfers, Jane E. Hawkins, Ian K. Hagemann, Elizabeth Bear

Please do come hang out.
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