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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Biggest news story you haven't heard today

Los Alamos scientists to perform a subcritical nuclear weapons test at the notorious Nevada Nuclear Testing Site on Tuesday, May 25th. Utah understandably pissed off.

Google "downwinders" and "upshot knothole project" for details of why Utah is worried about this. And then do a little subsidiary googling on cancer rates in the seven westmost US states as opposed to the Eastern seaboard.

Also google "Washington State" "Hanford nuclear reservation" and "Russian thistle" for other examples of how our government keeps a close eye on its radioactive byproducts. Yes, that's right.

Radioactive tumbleweeds.

We can definitely trust these guys to built a high-level nuclear storage facility in a leaky mountain 90 miles from Las Vegas, don't you think? Especially when they'll be shipping the waste near your town, too.

ETA: FYI, there are no nuclear power plants in NV. None. All the waste would come from out of state.



*reaches for brochures advocating the delights of emigrating to New Zealand*
*g* 'Course, there's been bomb testing in that hemisphere, too....
Yeah, what you said. *g*

Yucca Mountain apparently has a "seepage" problem. That means...

...water runs through it.

Yup. that's where I want my nuclear waste. Anybody want to do the math on, if it's 90 miles from Vegas, how far it is from the Colorado River?
No way. This sounds too much WIPP.

Before I moved to England, I spent years living upwind of Rocky Flats. (I was in Boulder, Colorado, a city that does not allow nuclear waste to be transported through it.) I also spent years protesting Rocky Flats' mere existence.

I also was home sick, whilst still living in Pennsylania, the day Three Mile Island went. It's amazing how many four and five-leaf clovers they found by that site later.

Hell no. I hope a lot of Nevadans will protest!

Say, can I repost this in my LJ, including your explanation, if I give you credit?
Sure. I don't see why not....
You're a Las Vegan? I may have to friend you just because. I surfed over from Sharyn's blog.
I'm a Las Vegan, albet struggling to escape to coler climes. *g* Come on in....
Same here. Chicago or Bust!
And boy, I don't type so good lying on my stomach, do I? *g*

I'm more than willing to offer moral support to those who would flee the realm of the One-Armed Bandit. *g*