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Wiscon Warblog, day two.

truepenny, buymeaclue, pnew8 and I survived the reading. Actually, it went quite well; we finished about forty minutes early and then hung around with some of the people who showed up (people actually showed up!) and discussed recurrent themes and why on earth anybody would choose to write a second person story.

Also, I bought two (2) pairs of Converse All-Stars, (one all black, for dress up, and one purple and white, without logo, which I have been coveting for about eighteen months now. Also bought a half-priced pair of Tevas, which means I once again have shoes. (I was down to my hiking boots, my riding boots, my sneakers, one pair of three-year-old walking shoes that are shot, one pair of walking shoes that give me shin splints when I try to walk in them, and one pair of very beat up basket-weave type sandals, which meant that I actually often had nothing to wear shoe-wise, unless I was wearing brown pants.

Of course, I currently own exactly three pairs of pants that fit me, and I hate them all, so my next project is either losing twenty pounds (so my old clothes fit) or buying jeans. I hate the fact that clothing needs to be replaced every three or four years. It's deeply unfair.

Neither my day job (writing news summaries) nor my night job (writing fiction) actually require me to dress presentably, and I live in Vegas, land of ratty clothing (and icky pastels, which is deeply unfair to a Pretentious Art Fag such as myself), and those things, couples with the general extreme uncomfortable heat, have contributed to a general downgrading of my wardrobe in recent years.

Those of you who remember when I wouldn't leave the house without a button-down shirt and I only wore sneakers to work out may laugh now, and mock me.

Obviously, I need to do something about this.

After the reading, we visited with elisem, whose jewelry is even more stunning in person than online. Amazing, beautiful, beautiful. *covet*

So far, I have met many livejournalers: heresluck (who is an even more fabulous cook in person than online), coffeeandink, brisingamen, sdn, oracne, 1crowdedhour (who made my entire con by fangirling me before I could fangirl her. It was a novel and unanticipated experience), renenet, desayunoencama, obadiah (okay, I aleady knew him--kit_kindred, obadiah says hello and why aren't you here?), tanaise (I knew her already too), jedediah (uh huh), ayngel (likewise), and a bunch of nonlivejournalers I know online or by reputation (Hi, Tim!), and I know I'm forgetting people. I did not manage to make it to lrcutter's book launch last night, dammit.

Then there was the Liar's Panel, and it was good. It turns out Ellen Klages is a cousin, as she was cracking MfU jokes, which made me bounce out of my chair. (Memo to me, get Ellen's email address somewhere, so I can get her the information on the sekrit underground fen network of MfU DVD's/videos/lending library).

And truepenny introduced me to Joan D. Vinge, which will make my mother extremely jealous.

All in all, I'm having an extremely good time.

My panel is tonight, and elisem's haiku earring party. After this delicious dinner that heresluck is tormenting me with the smell of, currently.

Did I mention I bought chucks?!
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