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Haiku earrings:

"Breakfast with the Wicked Queen"

Frogs on lilypads
mock your caution: still you don't
touch lips to the tea.


I attended elisem's haiku earring party tonight: my haiku is above. My earrings look like little green lilypads with droplets of brown water underneath, and they are named "Breakfast with the Wicked Queen." They're very beautiful, like everything the Lioness makes.

I also made it through "Living in an SF Disaster Novel" in one piece. It was a thoroughly enjoyable panel, although I think perhaps some audience comments may no have gotten the attention they deserved. I do think it helped that the entire panel seemed prety much agreed that we are (a) living in an SF disaster novel (one of the quiet ones rather than one of the sexy ones(The Parable of the Sower is a quiet disaster novel. Lucifer's Hammer is a sexy one.) and (b) we seem to have all been a bunch of granola-munching commie liberal pinkos. In any case, interesting panel, and I felt like it had good energy and good momentum and almost everybody got to have their say. I would have liked to hear more about the geophysics of magnetic pole swiching, however.

And now maybe a little writing and then bed.
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