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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Wow. Sleepy.

Still, very good fun. No warblogging the Tiptrees for me; my battery was kaput, but I know coffeeandink was taking extensive notes, so there may be coherency later. To be short, the GoH speeches from both McKillip & Arnason were amazing--McKIllip talked about the creative process and the inspirational power of a deadline, and Arnason talked about writing science fiction during the third world war (and welcome to it), harkening back to a lit of the political discussion from the SF Disaster Novel panel. What an extremely erudite and well-read woman she is.

She was making me feel creepily prescient again. But then, the signs are there. We'll see; I'd rather get this stuff wrong.

Then Broad Universe and Livejournal and Pirate Parties, and a long discussion about writing craft with 1crowdedhour and truepenny and desayunoencama, with heresluck and coffeeandink and renenet and oracne camped out on the floor too, putting up with the writer geeks quite tolerably.

ETA: also, dinner with redbird and truepenny was Turkish food, and it was good. Have you noticed the whole woooorld is on livejournal?

Also, met some other lovely writers today. Charming. *g* I am really enjoying this.

All good. I bought a sari. Bed now.


McKIllip talked about the creative process and the inspirational power of a deadline

Ooh, I hope someone took good notes on that.

I'm really glad you're posting from the con. It's making it sound fun, like I actually might want to go to one.

Cons are fun. Exhausting, but fun.
A heads-up... I link to several of your Wiscon reports in whileaway, here. I hope you're okay with that.
Oh, by all means. That which is on the Internet is available for linkage, after all. It's what makes the web great.
i thought the GoH speeches were each amazing in their own way. mckillip's was so funny--so real. it made me want to go and read the book that she said was inspired by her cesspool. i couldn't see how arnason could follow it and then she did. she's brilliant. they're both brilliant but in different ways. and i really liked what i saw of matt ruff--how he genuinely appreciated the award and the readers.
Hey, I'm a writer geek, too!

You can tell b/c onecrowdedhour and I were having a conversation about agents.

My bad. You may punish me as you feel appropriate.....
You may punish me as you feel appropriate.....


Talk dirty to me some more.