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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I'm going to be the fussy buzzkill who didn't like the new Harry Potter movie. Mind you, I didn't

*dislike* it:

I wish I'd had a character like Hermione (Good arm, girl!) to aspire towards when I was a geeky young thing (she's much less obnoxious in the movies than in the books), and all three of the young actors continue to be professional, believable, and charming (Rupert Grint, in particular, has a rubber face the equal of anything young Robert Vaughn could manage), and it serves very well as a visual tour of the high points of the book, and I still think Gary Oldman is a really fine actor who needs to strangle his agent.... or exercise better script selection, if it's his doing that he wound up in ^The Fifth Element (he was the best thing about Lost In Space) and he was quite a lot of fun in this, and I loved seeing the kids in jeans and trainers, and the movie was really visually pretty, and the actor playing Lupin brought a lovely shabby charisma to the role, and dang yes, the hippogriff was cool and I want one.

I mean, that was one cool hippogriff. Could we go back and get three hours of movie with just the hippogriff?

And Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman were both quite wonderful in their respective (all-too-brief) roles, and the kids actually seem like kids in this movie.

But while it did present a coherent plotline, it was one, alas, without much in the way of narrative tension or drive or arc, and as a result I found myself bouncing in my seat and checking my husband's watch a lot. Still, very pretty to look at, and lots of fine acting. Just, the whole conflict thing? Not so much.

Kids will love it. Heck, most grownups will too.

In the meantime, does anybody know where I can get a hippogriff?


I notice some familiar names on Andy Hatchell's 2003 recommended reading list....


Mine's not there, but I do see Beth Bernobich, John Borneman, Rudi Dorneman, Jay Lake, haddayr, nihilistic_kid, lonesome_crow, Tim Pratt, Bruce Holland Rogers, Heather Shaw, gregvan, and a few other friends and acquaintances floating around in there....


*\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*


> the kids actually seem like kids in this movie.

Yes, THIS. Scruffy and disorganized and playful. I loved the scene of the Gryffindor boys lying around in their dorm room hacking around with magical candy. So genuine.

Alan Rickman in long dark robes with touches of white at the wrists. I'll be in my bunk.

Our Emma was, as ever, lovely.

And so with you on the hippogriff. I always preferred griffins before this movie.
It was the saucy little tailflips that killed me. And the way it moved--not quite bird, not quite cat, not quite horse. SOmebody did a real nice job on making it seem like an animal.
Though I didn't notice it, somebody else in my FList pointed out that (just like a horse) it shat shortly before Harry approached it.
That's attention to detail...
ARRGH. In my circle of friends, "Our Emma" is always Emma Thompson. I had forgotten that it's ambiguous in this movie.
I knew who you meant. *g*
Ack! Ack! I haven't seen it! *scrools past very fast*
Don't worry. There are no spoilers.

If there were, I would have cut-tagged it.
In the meantime, does anybody know where I can get a hippogriff?

If you can get a syllogismobile, there's a spare one flying around Orlando Furioso. Just look for the Iron Castle.

(Obscure Golden Age references R Us)

does anybody know where I can get a hippogriff?

Oooh! New extreme sport. Hippogriff trekking above the mountains of Wales.

I haven't seen the movie yet, just the trailer, but I wants one too.
Hippogriff hundred-miling....


Eeep, though! The hippogriff eats ferrets! *sniff* You have -no- idea how traumatizing that was for me to see. I shall never be the same... *sniff*

(he was pretty cool though, wasn't he?)

Actually, I liked the movie okay. Most people will probably like it more than okay. But, because they were trying so hard to keept he movie short, I think they robbed it of a lot of potential conflict and tension. And, as I said to my Jeffrey, if you haven't read the book, you might leave a little confused. It's been some time since I read the book, and I kept wondering when they were going to explain this or that. I was dissapointed when they didn't. There were a couple especially interesting things that I would have liked to see in the movie just because, not only were they important, they were *cool*, darnit!

It was, as you said, very good for the visual stuff, though. :D

*huggles the Bear*