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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I can't decide. I really can't.

The suspense is killing me.

Smarty Jones and Rock Hard Ten. Boxed. Eddington to show. I'd like to see a Triple Crown, but I'm in love with the bay. Which is bizarre, because I'm a chestnut fan by upbringing and inclination.

Just be sure to let me know, any time you have a fence you want straddled.


I know the feeling. Being the underdog fan that I am, I have to root for Smarty.

But could they just run the damn race already??????
...and that's horse racing.

Dang. What a stretch run.
Yeah, that was beautiful and weird. Where DID Birdsong come from? Really pretty win - I hope the crowd doesn't boo him like they did Empire Builder.

Talk about your longshots...
Yeah, that's why it never stops being a heart in your throat kinda deal.

At least everybody came home safe.
I'd love to see Smarty Jones take it, both for the Triple Crown and because he seems like a real sweetie.
*fans self* You don't get to see a race like that every day.
Man. That race track was thirty feet too long. Bummer.
That's why it's thirty feet too long. That's exactly why. *g*
The Belmont is the hardest of the three. Its the horserace that you can blink and NOT miss the race, its so long.

Too bad.

You could remind him that, technically, Smarty Jones was the favorite and Birdstone was the underdog. *G*

And yeah, that *is* horse racing. You just... never... can tell.

Re: $74 for a $2 bet

*nod* I too can derail any team but UConn by rooting for them. I suspect it's just that UConn's mojo is stronger than mine.