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Cousins. Really.

The world has changed.

kit_kindred is in the living room with the guys watching "Johnny Quest" on dvd and slashing Race Bannon and Dr. Quest. Not that I can find any grounds to disagree, but he's claiming they were the first gay couple on prime time.

He always freaks out when I tell him that Napoleon and Illya were *so* an item, so I am restraining myself.

*G* Okay, I failed to restrain myself.

kit_kindred: "Napoleon didn't have enough fashion sense to be gay."
me: "Well, he was obviously bisexual. Look at all the women he dragged home."
him: ".... hurm."
Dylan, from the corner: "No, it was obviously that they were pining for each other, but neither one ever had the courage to say anything."
kit_kindred: "It's right there in the opening credits. The lingering glances Race and Dr. Quest are shooting each other."

I have a slashfest going on in my living room, and it's all men out there. I'm torn between terror and hysterics.

Thank God they don't have any Starsky & Hutch episodes, is all I'm saying.

Tracy & Hepburn, Bert & Ernie, Race & Dr. Quest....


In other news, I got about three pages on Worldwired and I'm still plugging away at it, and I polished up "And the Deep Blue Sea,</i> and I got about half a page on the necklace story.

That feels like a decent day's work. I really wanted to go for a walk today, too, but it's just too damned hot.

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