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Well, that was odd.

I did one round of Chelsea's picture game last night, and got a couple of odd paragraphs. On the way to work this morning, I got a final sentence that turns them (with the instertion of 250 words of connecting material) into a flash.

So I wrote a flash.

My first flash story ever, unless you count my half of the Mek-N-EBear project that's up at Fortean Bureau right now. And I think it is, in fact, a complete flash story. I kind of like it. It's Cthulhoid. And coincidentally, a Cthulhoid pro market just opened up. I wonder if they take flash. I wonder if I should send it to Weird Tales first. I wonder.

Anyway, two firsts, because while I have found ways to use bits from the picture game in other stories, I've never had it kickstart a story idea for me before. And this I totally never would have gotten without it.

I wonder if it happened because it was a picture of CarolHelga's, which she posted to her LJ a while before the game, so it had time to stew. I'm becoming more and more convinced of the vitalness of stewing time to my creative process.
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