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Worldwired progress

Last night, wound up with about five pages total, after all was said and done.

So far today:

Words today: 787
Words total: 42723
Page count: 173 of 183, and a daring rescue underway.
Reason for stopping: taking a break before I have to go to the post office, to get my eyes dilated, and possibly to buy a rowing machine. This is the longest action scene ever. Man, I remember when I could write two or three thousand words a day and every single one didn't feel like squeezing out blood. I do hate getting up at four AM. Still, one more day of work, and then ten days of... driving. But at least I'll get sleep.
Tea: Fresca and club soda, actually
Mammalian Assistance: Cat pesterment, resulting in the cat's eviction to the back yard.

At the very least, I do know how the book ends now, and I do have a rough arc in my head telling me how to get there. If I can get the damned thing smoothed out so that it doesn't feel like there's this huge resolution in the middle, and then we have to plunge back in to ongoing problems. Hurm.

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