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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

We're in Park City, Utah, having come 749.77 miles yesterday, as the Mapquest flies. So far, Park City appears to look much like the interior of Best Westerns everywhere.

The pillows, however, *were* very good. Just squishy enough. I'm tempted to steal them, but I won't. *g*

We crossed California, Nevada, and most of Utah yesteday without much incident. Species noted include coos, coos, more coos, a few horses, a lot of crows, a redtail hawk, a medium-sized falcon I didn't get a good look at, and an antelope or maybe a mule deer and several oppossumlike creatures (roadkill).

San Francisco was both fascinating and pretty. I think I have a crush on it. The Marin headlands were especially nice, and I got to walk down Macomber Lane and visit Grace Cathedral with retrobabble and stillnotbored and our intrepid native guide, Jesse, so my lit geek side was satisfied.

Russian Hill's little byways are the hanging gardens of Babylon. Just gorgeous. Public staircases are da bomb.

Also, I have ridden in a car down Haight Street, so I feel that I've adequately connected with my dad's experience. I imagine there were fewer Ben & Jerry's in his day, but the Free Clinic is still there. And the Palace of Fine Arts is amazingly beautiful. I kept having to check if it was a matte painting.

In any case, I'm not in love with San Francisco. But I do have a real serious crush on it.

And--off we go.

Laramie or Bust!


Err, if you're giving me the option, I'd pick Bust. But maybe that's just me.
I was in San Francisco 1966-8, as a VISTA volunteer, of all things, and of course I hung out on Haight St. One change since then is that there are now bookstores on it. I am not making this up: The owners of Moe's wanted to put in a used bookstore, but the zoning board said it would lower the quality of the neighborhood, so instead they opened a store that sold drug paraphernalia.
The Palace of Fine Arts is amazing. Gorgeous stuff.
If you're going to Laramie, why not come forty miles south and have dinner with me? My treat!
Whee! That was fun.

Next time, I promise to be sedate. *blink,blink* Anybody want buy a bridge?