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Yawn. Snork.

Okay, that was a productive day. In addition to the flash, I got 1058 good draft words on Scardown and I'm starting to get a feel for the pacing of the damned thing and the way it's going to slide out. Things are starting to happen. Promised conflicts are starting to come together. There's something magical about this part, where the groundwork is laid and the novel starts coalescing. Also a couple of livejournal posts that crystallized some of my thinking on POV, which I'm really excited about.

I had a wonderful experience yesterday morning. I was explaining word choice and sentence level decisions to somebody I was critting a story for, and I sort of went, "Holy! I actually know what I'm talking about." It was a wonderful thing. I know how to write! I actually know how to write! And I can explain it to other people!

And it only took, at a rough estimate, fifteen years to learn? I guess that's not so bad.

So about 1600 words today. Four stories in the mail. And I'm getting that feeling that the book has a shape and an agenda, finally, which is always a good sign. (I say from my lofty perch as the Unpublished Novelist. Hah.) Still, this is number six (not counting all those unfinished false starts back in the day). Hopefully I know what I'm doing by now.

Not bad for a girl with a dayjob. There will be some television allowed tonight, I think.

Unless I pass out on the sofa before my sweetie finishes making dinner.

I think I'll go watch mail call and read some more Jack Vance.

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