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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Something today reminded me of an SF book that I read and loved as a kid-- The Godwhale, by T.S. Bass, or maybe T.J. Bass

I am the only person on earth who ever read that book.

One of the protagonists got warbles at one point. Another protag was bisected at the hips, and another one was a genetically engineered baleen whale with a mind control device implanted in her brainstem, and cybernetics.

I think about that book whenever I want to know if I'm fucking my protags over hard enough.

So far, I'm a piker.

Also, Daniel Silva is a bunch lot meaner to his protags than I am. Obviously, I need to do some damage around here.


I am the only person on earth who ever read that book

Nope! I read that book! I don't remember much, except about the guy who only had the top half of his body.

I seem to recall there was some very weird sex in that book, but I could be wrong.

Wow, I hadn't thought of that book in years...
There was, um, virtual chicken sex.

And stuff.
It's by T.J. Bass. Used copies available through abebooks.com

*g* I don't actually need a copy. I think one is probably enough. But thank you!

That's one of those author names that goes a little too well with the book title....
You are. Or you and Suela are.

*cough* I have it and the sequel? prequel? in the TBR stack. Maybe I'll get to it by 2010?
I've read a book that you haven't read?

Wow! I'm...

...having a moment.

It was, as I recall, Quite Unsuitable For Children.
I haven't read Peter Watts, either. Or a lot of the field's current short fiction. Or ...

It was, as I recall, Quite Unsuitable For Children.

Aw, damn. I bet I would have loved it when I was ten. ;)
I haven't read a lot of the short fiction either. I just don't have *time* to keep up on it all.

Reminds me, gotta vote for the effing Hugos....
Not only have I read it, I still have it. The other one, Half Past Human seems to have disappeared.

And it's T. J. Bass.
*snicker* It was really a terrible book, thinking about it now, but I remember it quite, quite vividly.

I think I did a book report on it in fifth grade and shocked my teacher.
Oh, in retrospect they were quite terrible.

And had I done a book report on either of them I expect it would have triggered a "Parent-Teacher Conference" about what horrid and unsuitable things I was reading.

Never let it be said I'm not accomodating.
*g* I don't know that in this day and age I'd want to read it again, but I liked it when I was eight!
I think Daniel Silva gets into realms of so incomprehensibly mean that no right-thinking person would put up with it. I wonder why his protags do, actually. I mean, there's noble self-sacrifice, and THEN there's sheer bloody-mindedness.