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Good day


Words Today: 2175
Words Total: 56849
Pages: 233 of 241
Reason for stopping: end of scene. and bed. and 500 words more than I planned.
Stimulants: Spearmint tea, imported Russian vodka, and Fresca (not all at once)
Mammalian assistance: Marlowe came to sit on my hand for a while, also a Signy poking and Paladin begging for pizza crust
Exercise: Swam 13 laps and did a cannonball. And boy do my triceps hurt.

My D&A check for Scardown came today, and I had no rejections. So, despite a really suck-ass first 90 minutes involving a comedy of errors at work, and two hours spent waiting for the tire guys to fix a tire after the boy found yet another bit of construction debris, it was a good day overall.

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