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Just sat down to edit what I wrote yesterday, and I found a phrase I really like: ...he did his best thinking up here with the soybeans.

That's what I need in my life. More soybeans.

Didn't sleep at all well last night. Took me forever to go under,and then I had anxiety dreams all night. Ah well. I should make the bed tonight so I can have clean sheets, since the boy isn't here to steal the covers.


Words today: 1619
Words Total: 60699 *confetti* 60K! 60K
Manuscript Pages: 248 of 257
Reason for stopping: End of scene and a break before I go to the pool.
Stimulants: Honeybush infusion and pork stir fry
Mammalian assistance: They're all in a snit, ignoring my existence because the boy is away on a trip, except for Marlowe, who came in and gave me back for ten minutes before he stalked off again.
Exercise: 15 laps
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