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The dangers of listening to Weekend Edition while eating. Kevin Kline just made cinnamon Life come out my nose.

Kline's playing Cole Porter in a new movie, but in this particular segment he was talking about kissing Tom Selleck in In & Out.

Scott Simon: "What's that like?"
Kevin Kline: "Except for the beard burn, it's not all that different from... kissing Meg Ryan."


And! katallen sent me booookses. Pretty, pretty bookses. And a charm bracelet. With a bear paw charm on it, and a hammer charm, and an eagle feather charm. (The hammer is obvious. The eagle feather is for Scardown. All will become plain in June of 2005.) I told her my goal was to bankrupt her on charms. *g*

Which reminds me, stillnotbored tells me the pub date for Hammered, according to Barnes & Noble, is December 28th.

So there you have it. Watch this space for updates.
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