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I'm not a cowboy: I've never been shot / I'm not a convict: I've never been caught.

tanaise, I don't think you often enough for finding that McGarrigle sister's album for me. This book would not be getting written without it.

You know what I love about Elvis Costello? That's not a man who hides his emotions under a veil of dishonest civility.

Link Salad:

Notable Ham Radio Operators:
Carl Sagan's Balogna Detection Kit


And I'm calling it a day, writing-wise. Worldwired progress notes:

Words today: 3339
Words total: 66039
Manuscript pages: 272 of 279
Notecards dealt with: 4, leaving 29
Reason for stopping: tired, sleepy, wrists hurt, end of scene, and that's more than a good day's work.
Stimulants: spearmint tea
Mammalian assistance: Marlowe wanted to be brushed and I will have to feed the dogs shortly.

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