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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

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I haven't managed to turn this one up in his autobiographies or on the Internet, but hey, I figure somebody on Livejournal knows everything, right?

Anybody have any idea if Dr. Richard P. Feynman was a baseball fan, and if so, what team(s) he liked?


I'm sure he'd love the Albuquerque Isotopes now, but that really doesn't help you any :)
... no, but it's funny as anything.
Do you have either of this "six lectures" books? He mentions baseball as analogy in the lectures; there might be a reference or two to a particular team.
Ooo. I have "Six Easy" and "Six not-so-easy..."

I will check the index.

I asked a rabid geek-and-baseball-fan friend of mine. He says, "I've never read [his autobiography]. He was big cheese at MIT for a while, so I'd guess Red Sox."
*g* Good. That's exactly the answer I wanted to hear.

You have pleased us! There will be extra squid in your ration this week.
He was big cheese at MIT for a while, so I'd guess Red Sox.

Well, he attended MIT as an undergratuate and was a remarkable student, but he was there for 4 years and then moved on to Princeton.

(And since he grew up in New York City, he's probably a Yankee/Mets/Dodgers flavor fan, if any.)
*g* And spent most of his mature years at Cal Tech. Really, unless somebody comes up with something definitive, I guess I'm relying on that inspired writerly tradition of, um, making it up.

Thanks, Chance.