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Figured out, last night and this morning, both why I've been plateauing and why Worldwired keeps feeling a bit flat to me. It's because I've been concentrating on the three complex external storylines to the point where the various threads of the internal arcs have gotten shuffled aside, dropped, or insufficiently reinforced. They're all *there,* at least. They're just there in skeletal form.

Well, that's what drafts two and three are for, right? I'm actually looking forward to rewriting this darned thing, because there's a lot of threads in here in that I want to see teased brighter and made poignant. The heart is there. It's just not shining through yet the way I want it to.

The book is starting to flow again, though. I know, because Jenny's assaulting me with shiny little paragraphs of narrative and dialogue while I'm driving to work in the morning and can't write anything down. She's vindictive, that one. She finds ways to get even.

Still, the ideas I'm having for rewrite give me lattitude to show more of the cool SFnal idea underlying the book, and its application, instead of just sneaking up on it.

My idea process has nothing to do with originality. I'm a total magpie when it comes to people, circumstances, situations, not unlike old Will; I find a bunch of weird things that glitter, and arrange them around a theme in a hopefully aesthetically pleasing fashion, and add a plot and some characters, wallah! The literary equivalent of trash art.

But the worldwire is one of my few real actual no kidding sfnal ideas, so I'm just pleased as punch to get to play with it a bit more.

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