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Progress Notes:

So cpolk and leahbobet and I kind of double-dog-dared each other to go after these ridiculous writing goals today. And it worked.

They both wrote over 4500 words, because they are young and crazy.

I didn't do quite that well. But I still serously kicked some ass. If I do say so myself.


Words today: 3,639
Words total: 71435
Manuscript page: 291 of 301 (I wrote five pages on the wrong end of the book. Apparently, there comes a point about two-thirds of the way through each book where I have to write the ending before I can write any more of the middle. Oddly enough, that worked for the whole trilogy, in this case, because I wrote the epilogue to the third book when I was halfway done with the second book.)
Reason for stopping: Time to go swimming and then relax. For once, not end of scene, because I knew the first paragraph of the next scene after I finished the last one, so I wrote it.
Stimulants: rose congou and Fresca
Mammalian assistance: Marlowe and Ollie on various visits. Paladin sleeping on my chair's rollers.
Exercise: Just about to throw on my swimsuit and go to the pool.
Note cards obliterated: 2; 27 remaining
Pages to go: estimated 120 (let's see how I do!)

2 note cards
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