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Cover your burro.

No, seriously.

I spent the entire morning (after writing our daily news summary) on Photoshop hacking at the logo for a new subsidiary of the company I work for. Said logo is a donkey dragging a Navajo blanket across its rear end.

Yes, the partners' names do start with a C and a Y, and the company name ends with "Associates."

(The ass was formerly wearing green hotpants, by the way, but the Navajo blanket seemed more.... something.)

And that is fabulous reality in a nutshell. You can't make that stuff up: you just have to remember it for later when it happens.

1700 words on Scardown last night. If I get my wordcount today, I'll hit 150 manuscript pages. Of which something like 147 are continguous, even: I cracked Chapter 8 last night, and Jenny came face to face with a ghost. :-)

Oh, and somebody lay in a stick of Haldol for next week. Starting now, I should be coming due on about six or eight rejections almost simultaneously.

I can handle three in a day with reasonable aplomb.... as long as I haven't started to develop any hope. Once I start to hope, it's all over.

I'm reading Children of Cthulhu now, by the way.

It's good.

And I really need to slush tonight.
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