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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Defenestration is the #1 word of 2004.

Those are good words. I like "sesquipedalian" a lot, not in the least because it's self-referential, but "defenestration" is up there.

via janni

Progress Notes: Worldwired:

Words today: 1702
Words total: 75,125 MS Word, 79,000 manuscript. Between 25 and 30K to go.
Manuscript pages: 306 of 316, ~104 pages to go.
Reason for stopping: End of scene, began next scene, got to where I said I would stop and a little more.
Stimulants: Jasmine tea
Mammalian assistance: Let the cat out. Let the cat in. Comb the cat because he's shedding on the keyboard and nagging for love. Feed the other cat. Pet the silly giant dog.
Notecards obliterated: 1, 25 remaining.
Last exercise: 6/30, 10 laps of the public pool. Currently chairdancing. Then I will vacuum. That's exercise, right? Guys? Guys?


The number one word of this year? Defenestration? That's disappointing. I would have thought it was merely the number one word of 1618.
This is a "so far" listing. You still have time to change the result before the year is over.

Figure out which word you want to be on top and search on it obsessively. Have your friends and family do the same thing. I'm sure that in almost no time, your personal choice for the word of the year will be climbing the charts.
...not that they had this service in 1618...

Apparently, I'm a little too dry today.
And perhaps I was being just a slight bit dryer.

People do get thrown out of windows all the time. Just not in Prague.

Well, yeah. But what other defenestration is known as THE defenestration? :)
Then I will vacuum. That's exercise, right?

If you say so, eBear. In which case ahf and I have done a lot of exercise in the past several days.

But the house looks great and people are seeing it.

*fingers crossed*
I just love that "callipygian" made the list.
Vacuuming counts extra in this sloth's exercise book.
You are so hired.