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"Oh, the wonderfullness of me."


Words today: 2287
Words total: 77412
Manuscript pages: 315 of 325, ~95 pages to go.
Reason for stopping: End of scene. Took all day, but I got there. Major plot point dispensed with.
Stimulants: Honeybush (perverts. hush.), Russian Caravan, and liquorice and ginger Altoids
Mammalian assistance: Paladin was sick and required a good deal of attention. Signy needed petting. Marlowe needed headbumps. Oliver and Mebd needed to be combed.
Notecards obliterated: 1, 24 remaining.
Last exercise: 7/1, 15 laps of the public pool. Vacuumed house. Since we were agreed 3 to one that vacuuming is exercise. *g*


I'm having a good writing karma day. Probably shouldn't tempt the fates by talking about it, but I heard from arcaedia on Blood & Iron, and she liked the revisions enough to say it's probably not worth doing any tidying before we present it to my editor. Which of course we don't do until after Worldwired is accepted.

Also, I got a very nice note today from one of my favorite short fiction authors, saying he liked "This Tragic Glass." I'm just over the moon about that. And I heard back yesterday from mcurry, who had so graciously agreed to read The Stratford Man for me, and he had very kind things to say--and possibly some notes to offer later. And I also got some very, very kind comments on "Old Leatherwings."

And there were several multi-paragraph chunks of the scene I was writing today that, as they came out onto the page, felt good They felt taut and alive and interesting as I was writing them. Which is another good sign I'm finally moving off that plateau.

And no rejections today.

So, all in all, I think this was a really, really good day, in terms of egoboo. I think I'm going to bed to bask in my wonderfullness, since I'm expecting rejections from three or five magazines either Saturday or next week. *g*
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