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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


Words today: 2108
Words total: 82320
Manuscript pages: 337 of 348. I'm somewhat concerned that this sucker may be creeping up over 110K, because I'm not sure I can wrap this up in another 20K, and I need to add some stuff to the front end. On the other hand, I think I always get worried at this point that I'm running long. This damned scene, however, *is* turning into a setpiece.
Reason for stopping: Have to go to the grocery store and buy stuff for the boy's barbecue thing tonight
Stimulants: Fresca, rose congou, grilled cheese sandwich
Mammalian assistance: Drive bys only
Notecards obliterated: none. One will be when I have this scene finished.
Last exercise: 7/3, 13 laps of the municipal pool


I'm strangely disappointed by the lack of headbumps. I seem to have grown accustomed to the vicarious pleasure of them rather quickly. ::telepathically transmits headbumping suggestion to Marlowe for tomorrow::
The boy is home. I am demoted to Backup Human. *g*
Okay, I think I need to steal this habit for motivational purposes. Nothing like the humiliation of having to post "I wrote 23 words today" to spur the brain. *g*

Also, just one note, as I discovered this only recently -- naturally *after* spending $25 at Kinko's to print my 330pp ms (98K words) :P -- if you're working in Word, select the entire document, go to Format/Paragraph/Line & Page Breaks tab, and turn off Widow/Orphan control, Keep lines together, Keep with next. Voila, ms size goes way, way down. It chopped mine down to 200 pages.

(Although that does perversely feel disappointing, even though it's the same number of words.)
*g* And editors prefer it when the widows & orphans are turned off. Helps estimate word count better when it's 25 lines to a page.

There's some stuff at www.sfwa.org under "writing: the craft" on manuscript preparation that you might find useful.
What's rose congou?
It's a black Chinese tea scented with rose petals, also called rose pouchong.

It's wonderful.
Spiff! I have some black tea with roses, but I've never seen the name "rose congou" before. Thanks.