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Words today: 2108
Words total: 82320
Manuscript pages: 337 of 348. I'm somewhat concerned that this sucker may be creeping up over 110K, because I'm not sure I can wrap this up in another 20K, and I need to add some stuff to the front end. On the other hand, I think I always get worried at this point that I'm running long. This damned scene, however, *is* turning into a setpiece.
Reason for stopping: Have to go to the grocery store and buy stuff for the boy's barbecue thing tonight
Stimulants: Fresca, rose congou, grilled cheese sandwich
Mammalian assistance: Drive bys only
Notecards obliterated: none. One will be when I have this scene finished.
Last exercise: 7/3, 13 laps of the municipal pool

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