it's a great life, if you don't weaken (matociquala) wrote,
it's a great life, if you don't weaken

out-terrorizing the terrorists

...will not work. So does the Malaysian prime minister warn the Shrub. I find I'm having a creepy life-imitates-art moment. Brrrr. I gotta stop writing books about worldwide Balkanization. Makes me jumpy.

Meanwhile, SH handed me a lovely reject for my story "The Company of Four," which I really stopped liking quite a while ago (I find it overly purple and not very protaggy) but have kept in circulation because the stylemonkey publications like it more than my more recent work.

I'm slipping, apparently.

No more. Into the trunk with you! Or maybe I'll webpublish it on my home page. I sold it to Scheherazade lo these many moons ago, so it has seen print pub. I dunno. I still kinda like it--I'm just not passionate about it anymore.

Of course, I wrote the very first draft of it when I was a senior in high school. Which might have something to do with why I'm bored with it now.

Moral: Trust your instincts.

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