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Ebear: 8
Slush: 1

Done until the next batch rolls in. Or Leah sends me something to read. My finely--honed sense of irony is activated by the number of rejections I dealt out today being somewhat close to the number of rejections I expect to collect in the next 14 days. No rest for the weary, is there?

In other news, 704 words on Scardown today. And yes, I cracked page 150. Go team.

It'd be Miller time if I drank that shit. So I guess it's Bass Pale Ale (England's First Registered Trademark) and maybe a stretch and a yawn.

I'm slushed, I'm wordcounted, I'm fed and I have The Beer.

On the other hand, I'm having an I Suck Week, so maybe I need another one of these here beers....

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