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dtaylor on institutionalized sexism against men.

I agree with just about everything she has to say there. And I have to add, it's a pleasure an a relief to find out that I'm not the only woman who thinks ridiculous gender assumptions about men are, well, ridiculous.

It may be that when women try to act like human beings, they are accused of trying to act like men. But the half of human response that men are encouraged and assumed to inhabit isn't complete, either, and when they try to act like human beings, they stand at risk of being accused of effeminacy.

Aren't we a little old for that? As a society and as individuals, I mean.

I've actually been asked how I, a woman, manage to write convincing male characters. The answer is, I don't. I write human beings. The gender takes care of itself.

via yendi

In other news, I just saw a fawnequin natural-eared Great Dane in a trailer for silly movie "Scavenger Hunt."

Yay! Why yes. Dog people are silly.

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