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Could you be, could you be squeaky-clean?

I am a creature of not feeling much like doing any work today. But the tea is made (a hibiscus/ginger/bird pepper mixture of my own devising, good for what ails you and also tasty if you like spicy sour things, which I do), first lunch has been consumed (second lunch is around three o'clock, due to my very weird schedule, and I skipped breakfast today except for coffee and a handful of chips. Bad Bear.), the cats are waxed, and I really need to get my head down and get some words this afternoon. It just takes me a while to get my head screwed back into "writing" mode from "day job" mode--or, from nonfiction to fiction.

Espcially on a sleepy Friday, when the God of Naps is calling my name.

must... get... words.

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