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Words today: 1517
Words total: 93848
Manuscript pages: 385 of 394
Reason for stopping: You know, I was gonna push through to page 400, but it's Friday, and I made my six pages. And the book's still gonna be there tomorrow no matter what. Also, I need to switch POV now, and I don't feel like getting into a new head.
Stimulants: Rose congu. Cranberry juice cocktail. Fortune cookies ("You will soon have the opportunity to improve your finances, in bed" and the less rewarding "Cooperate with those who have both know-how and integrity, in bed"). The rest of the leftover Chinese food.
Mammalian assistance: None
Notecards obliterated: None. Fourteen to go. Still.
Last exercise: Sometimes you just have to get up in the middle of a gunfight to dance.

Books finished today: Jim Butcher, Fool Moon; Harry Schwarz, Tsars, Mandarins & Commissars, a History of Chinese-Russian Relations:: Starting: Conrad Shirokauer, A Brief History of Chinese Civilization; Elmore Leonard, Pagan Babies :: Still reading: Jonathan D. Spence, The Search for Modern China (and will be for a while)

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