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I am a virus. Are you the cure?

Dude. I was so up waywaywaywayway past my bedtime last night. For "My alarm clock would be going off on a normal day" values of "waywaywaywayway past my bedtime." We went over to Steve and Caliann's, where we were extensively fed (burp) and introduced to the Giant Dog, which is not so giant as our giant dogs, but respectable nonetheless, and the support pillars under my consciousness went out sometime around 03h20.

And for some unknown reason I woke up at 08h00, my brain insisting I was awake. Weird. Ness.

Rejection from Lenox Avenue this morning (continuing my tradition of never selling to the same market twice) but it was a charming and cheerful rejection, so go me. Other recent rejections include: Brutarian, Ideomancer, F&SF, and my first ever actual personal rejection from Asimov's. Since I promised to blog the bad news too: my public service of the moment.

(On the list of things I've learned from watching The Man from UNCLE, along with "underplayed emotion is more interesting than overplayed emotion," is the Napoleon Solo school of handling rejection. Which is, more or less, never let scorched pride get in the way of a good exit line--

[Young Lady of the Moment (a very young, very redheaded Shari Lewis--Eeee!): "I do mean it. You'd better go. I have my reputation to protect." Napoleon: "Mmm. Well, you've destroyed mine."] )

Check out those nested brackets! Baby! Me heap big professional writer, yah!

sartorias being smart about narrative, narrators, and so forth

Now I have to figure out how to write this next, moralistic scene without it seeming, um, moralistic. Progress notes to follow.

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