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My old desk does an arabesque in the morning when I first rise.


Words today: 3,209
Words total: 100,008
Manuscript pages: 402 of 421
Tyop du jour: "He jerked his hand back in shock when he felt the injured man's pulse under the nagle of his jaw" (apparently there's a big-eyed pop-art print tucked under his chin)
Reason for stopping: End of scene, lots done today, and goofing off a little before bed. More Pagan Babies!
Stimulants: Spearmint tea & Coffee
Mammalian assistance: Ollie's vulture impersonation. Signy barfing on the living room rug. Marlowe is giving me back.
Notecards obliterated: I actually gained one, because I found an unanswered question: I'm back up to five (5).
Last exercise: none

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