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It never fails.

Sometimes it feels like the big project clogs up my brain, jams it up, and when I finally get it wiggled loose--plop!--all the little projects that were jammed up behind it come out on a rush and scatter all over the place, pearls from a broken strand.

The novel's done, and a short story I've been stuck on since May just plunked itself down in my head, a good 3/4ths complete. It's my artist's challenge piece for my Lioness necklace, elisem's The Follow Me Light, which is a relief, because I have been stuckity stuck stuck stuck.

The necklace has ten major Labradorite beads, and I'm contemplating doing the story in ten sections, to reflect that. Hmm. I may decide that's precious, though. I have very little tolerance for formalism or stunt writing for it's own sake. It can very easily get twee.

But I didn't do any actual writing, unless scribbling longhand notes in my notebook counts. And it excites me, because not only do I have most of the story forming a lovely shape in my head, but I keep getting scatters and bits of dialogue and fragments of refrain. It's flowing, in other words, and I'm just going to sit on it and incubate until it's clawing to get out.

I'm very pleased with the concept, although it will be another Las Vegas story, because everybody needs more Las Vegas stories. Maybe I'm exorcising the damned city through literature.

It'd be funny if I got a rep for writing stories about the Mojave, given how thoroughly I loathe this place.

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