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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Not the world's most productive day...

Which is kind of nice. It's been a not-bad day on several fronts.

I just wandered by Amazon to see if they had any cover art up for Hammered yet, (they don't, although I have now heard a description) and I saw a little note on the page that says the book is "the #60 early-adopter product in SF and F," for which I suspect I have you all to thank. Gratzi.

(This puts me behind A Blazing World : The Unofficial Companion to the Second League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but ahead of The Hand of Kahless, for those of you playing along at home. Also, I now have an Amazon Sales Rank. Ready for it? One million, six hundred twenty eight thousand, one hundred fifty-eighth ( 1,628,158th). Why yes, I am enjoying this whole slouching toward publication thing!)

Also, I was pleased that my short fiction dry spell broke with a rewrite request from Strange Horizons. Which, you know, Probably won't result in a sale. But it might, and even if it doesn't, it showed me several important things about where the story was failing to do what I wanted it to do.

Also, I got some revision work done on "The Follow Me Light" this morning, and some good notes from katallen on same. I did a little critiquing today. Still need to get off my butt and get specficrider's Yseult and leahbobet's Toronto Book critiqued. I'm looking forward to reading both.

Also, I'm really enjoying Pattern Recognition so far. Not as much as I enjoyed Light, but Light is hard to top.

Oh, what a big shiny pile of books I have to read and roll around in. And kit_kindred and I are going to see The Clearing this afternoon, and to McMullen's for phoodhe, after.

*happy sigh*



hey, you're in the top 1,630,000. That's nothing to sneeze at. Beating out a Trek book too.

I'm confident you'll crack the 1,500,000 barrier in no time at all.

Kenneth Rapp

People who shopped for Hammered also shopped for The Australia Stories: A Novel by Todd James Pierce. Cue amusement from readers of Making Light.

Was there amusement somewhere? I didn't see it....

I was personally amused to find out that the same people shopping me are shopping Laura Anne...

Ah, the fingerprints we leave, even when we do not mean to.
Someone is a regular reader of both you and TNH....

*snicker* What thread was the comment on? Now I have to go look....
Dr. Pierce's bad cover letter advice ("Lie.") was first discussed here. He showed up in person a month later in the second thread, made an ass of himself, and got thoroughly stomped.

Oh, but not direct posts, if that's what you meant. That I can find.

You're a good man, Larry Hammer.... *g*
Jus' don't pull away that football, this time.

This football here? I wouldn't dream of it.
Well, if you're sure, I'll try again.