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Kiss me quick, Zippy, and make me forget I'm a Libertarian--

Actually, I don't trust humanity enough to make a decent libertarian. Is there a political party whose chief tenet (not George, see below) is a cynical but mostly humanitarian belief that mitigating the damage is a noble endeavor?

So... near as we can tell....

...if Kerry didn't read it, and Bush didn't read it...

...nobody actually read George Tenet's National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq before the vote, except the guys whose job it was to brief Congress, who may have skimmed it, kinda?


Who's driving this thing, anyway?

Just think, George. You could have been a first-time novelist and gotten just about the same effect. *g*

And, in other news... I don't think I need to talk about same-sex marriage here when John Scalzi can do it for me.

These marriages aren't theoretical. They're not open to debate. They exist. To be opposed to them is to be opposed to marriage. I don't know why people opposed to the anti-gay marriage amendment and other such nonsense aren't doing more to point out that very obvious fact.

Really. Everything I would have said, only better. Do you suppose he'd write my next book for me?

Real Live Preacher, on the other hand, can be counted on to make my day a little more humane. Today, he discusses ways of using the Bible-- as a tool, as a weapon, as a fulcrum, as a means, as an end, as a trump card.

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