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The force that through the green fuse drives the flower--

The Hypertext Waste Land

Tyop du jour: and sinlight glittered

The borscht may be inauthentic. But oh, dear lord is it red. It's perfect. It's the color of a magenta Crayola crayon. The beef looks like Chinese candied pork. The carrots are neon.

And it tastes better than any of the authentic borscht recipes I've tried. So nyah! It is the one true borscht of which all others are merely shadows. And I'm one-quarter Ukrainian, so who is going to contradict me?

Although my sink looks like I slaughtered a hawg in it.

Also, I finished a revised draft of "The Follow Me Light" and it's off at my readers now so they can tell me if I fixed it better. If I did, I can send it to elisem and see if *she* likes it. In the meanwhile, it is time for borscht. And my trying to fix "The Train They Call The City" and see if now that I know what's wrong with it, I have the mad sk1llz to make it right.

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