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December 2021



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The force that through the green fuse drives the flower--

The Hypertext Waste Land

Tyop du jour: and sinlight glittered

The borscht may be inauthentic. But oh, dear lord is it red. It's perfect. It's the color of a magenta Crayola crayon. The beef looks like Chinese candied pork. The carrots are neon.

And it tastes better than any of the authentic borscht recipes I've tried. So nyah! It is the one true borscht of which all others are merely shadows. And I'm one-quarter Ukrainian, so who is going to contradict me?

Although my sink looks like I slaughtered a hawg in it.

Also, I finished a revised draft of "The Follow Me Light" and it's off at my readers now so they can tell me if I fixed it better. If I did, I can send it to elisem and see if *she* likes it. In the meanwhile, it is time for borscht. And my trying to fix "The Train They Call The City" and see if now that I know what's wrong with it, I have the mad sk1llz to make it right.


Glittering sinlight - my favorite kind.

May I please have some inauthentic borscht? Beets, beets, beets! Now remember, don't be alarmed: you'll be saying good-bye to the beets for a day or so. Beets are delightfully assertive like that, as your sink knows.


Never too many.

*serves up bowls*


Ya gotta use that somewhere... great portmanteau...


1: You made borscht on purpose?

2: How come none of my typos come off as neat sounding as yours? Mine just make me look dumb, yours look like they've been through first and second drafts for context. Sinlight glittered. You're making these up aren't you?

3: What did the Arkansas Razorbacks ever do to you?

4: You're eating borscht on purpose?

Kenneth Rapp
If you had ever had good borschtm you would not insult the national dish of my ancestors.

But since you are so insistent on revealing your own ignorance, I will forgive your tansgression.

This time.



I am ashamed.

Awash in a sea of beetless ignominy.

The gulls, they see my naivety and mock me with laughter
and poop on my head, which has never known the joys
of a good borscht.

I will find a Russian and grab him by the collar and plead 'Dammit, man! Where can I find a descent borscht in Waco?'

No, not just decent, sublime.


A borscht like yours, which surely cannot be looked upon by mortals lest divine rapture take them.

Thank youf ro your benevolence.



When I asked my very Old Country baba once how many vegetables she put in her borscht, she thought hard, counting in her head, then finally hazarded the guess: "Twenty?" I don't think she ever followed a recipe in her life, and ones I've tried (even from the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Ladies Auxiliary Cookbook) don't come close to hers. Best I ever did was an "empty-the-fridge" version with lots of beef stock and onions and everything else I could find resembling a veggie.


Re: Borscht

*nod* Yes, exactly. I usually stick mostly to root veggies (potatoes go good too, and turnips) but this is the first time I've gotten the borscht to *look* the way I wanted it to. I think the grating the beets rather than chopping them was a big contributing factor in achieving sufficient redness.

In any case, come on over. We'll be eating it for a week. *g*