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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

Happy birthday, Johanna!

In other news, I met Peter Beagle today, very briefly. He was extremely gracious, and I managed not to burst into tears of joy and awe when he shook my hand. Barely.

So far, much convention enjoyment has been had by all. (I also managed to speak with Jeff Smith and Brian and Wendy Froud, very kind people of the sort of past acquaintance where I remember them quite clearly, while I blend into the background noise of fangirls for them.)

Th first part of Worldwired looks less badly broken than I feared. Film at 11.



*g* no, but I was conscious enough to tell him that his books were the reason I grew up to be a writer, and a charming young man (agent? personal assistant? close friend and bodyguard)whose name, alas, I was too overcome to ask, took my business card and asked after my publisher.
I think I only stammered twenty or thirty times. *g* And he was lovely to me, for which I am very grateful.
Oh, wow.
So I suppose mentioning that I've had dinner with Peter a number of times, and got to shoot the breeze about Many Things (in addition to scolding him because the book was late) puts me in danger of damage-from-envy?

*innocent twinkle*

No, not at all. I'm actually just very happy that I got to tell him what I wanted to tell him--which is that his work is the reason I became a writer in the first place.

It felt important to say that.

I realize that he puts his pants on one leg at a time (actually, he probably has a more innovative technique, come to think of it) but his work has had a huge impact on me, and for some reason it seemed very important to let him know that. Je suis contente. *g*
I realize that he puts his pants on one leg at a time (actually, he probably has a more innovative technique, come to think of it) - So they stay magically suspended in the air while he jumps from his bed directly into them? Cool!
WOW, Peter Beagle! COOL!!!
Although I'm just repeating everyone else....neat-o!

I have to say that Folk of the Air was one of my faves...mostly due to being a SCAdian at the time of reading it. :) heehee!
Okay, it's 11. Where's the film?

-grin- Oh, the magic of fandom, where the line between fan and pro is permeable.

(Because I've been bouncing all day saying, "I get to go meet matociquala!!!")
and it was fun!

Thank you for the ye flour. Now I must bake....
I shall then tempt thee and let you know that the convention I run registration for (Capricon) will be having Peter Beagle as Author GoH in 2006. Yes, it's Chicago in January... But it's fun!
January in Chicago doesn't scare me (cold weather is rather a draw for Bears)... but I have no idea how the money/travel/deadline situation is going to be in 18 months. However, comma, I will certainly keep it in mind.....